This is a prospective, phase III, randomised trial for the evaluation of a theoretical follow-up schedule in cutaneous melanoma patients. This research will focus on the follow-up of sentinel lymph node biopsy NEGATIVE patients. The aim of the study is to investigate whether less frequent hospital check-ups than the conventional currently recommended schedule improve the quality of life of melanoma patients and their satisfaction with the follow-up schedule.
We will also investigate whether the two schedules are equally effective to detect recurrence and/or a second primary melanoma. All sentinel lymph node biopsy negative patients will be offered an opportunity to enrol on to the study.
The inclusion criteria are:
• Cutaneous malignant melanoma with
AJCC stage IB-II disease (not stage IA)
• Patients between the ages of 18 to 85 years
• Patients who do not have known a second malignancy
The exclusion criteria are:
• Sentinel lymph node positive patients
• Those with microsatellites
(AJCC stage III disease)

Study Centre: NNUH - patients will have to travel to Norwich to participate
Follow-Up: 5 years
Study arms: 2 (
standard follow-up versus less intense follow-up with self-examination)

Links & Further Information:

Patient Information Sheet
Self Examination
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